Goldstrike Hot Springs near Boulder Dam Nevada/Arizona

In late December 2013 I spent a delightful afternoon hiking down Goldstrike Canyon near Boulder Dam outside of Las Vegas with Robin and soaking in a hot spring.  Weather was sunny and about 60 degF.  We arrived at the trailhead (see map below) just after lunch and spent about an hour hiking the two miles down to 

what I believe is called Upper Goldstrike Springs.  About 1/4 mile or so above the springs, the canyon narrows and at 3 or 4 points is blocked by rockfall which requires climbing around the rockfall or downclimbing.  Each of the obstacles requiring a downclimb has fixed, knotted ropes.

We stopped at what I see called elsewhere on the Internet as Cave of Wonders Pool.  It was below a fixed rope.

The pool was about 4 feet deep.  Water was not quite hot enough for my taste, but still pleasant.  The pool goes back into a small cave where the water was a little bit warmer.

We left after soaking about 90 minutes.  The hike back was quick and the low sun on the canyon walls was brilliant.


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